Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Wordfull Wednesday

I thought I'd participate in Chocolate On My Cranium's Wordfull Wednesday assignment this week. The topic is, "I Am Grateful", fitting for Thanksgiving week. Since today is the 26th, I thought I would list 26 things I am grateful for:
  1. My husband Mike. He's sweet, funny, and always loves me - even when I'm not being nice
  2. Two adorable, healthy kids
  3. Parents who I can always look to for ideas of how to be a better parent myself
  4. My amazing grandparents, who are all still alive and have played a huge role in my life
  5. My nine brothers and sisters
  6. Extended family
  7. Friends
  8. My own good health
  9. Faith
  10. Mike having a good job that allows me to stay home with our kids
  11. The fact that Mike loves his job
  12. The fact that I love my job
  13. Being able to live in a beautiful, safe neighborhood with other young families
  14. My local mother's club
  15. The internet
  16. Playgroups and playdates
  17. My local library and all the activities they run for kids
  18. The way Emma tells me things she liked about that day every evening
  19. The way Johnny always makes me feel loved and appreciated (very much a mama's boy)
  20. Watching my kids learn to play together
  21. Laughter
  22. Smiles
  23. Nature
  24. Cell phones
  25. Books on CD
  26. Music

Incidentally, this was Johnny's due date last year. He didn't show up until 12 days later. At the time I was very annoyed. Now I'm grateful, because I'm not ready for him to turn 1.

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