Sunday, December 21, 2008


I finished the stockings tonight! My husband wound up cutting the letters out for me - first he cut squares and then he cut each letter our of a square. Count on an engineer to think up that way of keeping the letters the same size!

I think they turned out cute, although Johnny's is a tiny bit skewed to the left and Emma's goes maybe a tiny bit to the right. What can I say, I had lots of little "helping" hands! I love the way the letters look hand-sewn on, but it definitely took longer than I expected. My sister Catherine reminded me that her stocking (which I helped make at least a decade ago) has the letters of her name attached with iron-on fusing. The letters have stayed on all these years, and they still look great. So that's a quicker way to do it - and something that could be helpful even if you want to do the hand-stitching too since the fusing holds the letters in place.

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