Friday, January 9, 2009

Blog favorites

Aluminum foil robots from Filth Wizardry: I’ve actually been thinking of having my kids make robots out of cereal boxes for the past month or so, but hadn’t come up with a nice cover for the cereal boxes. Aluminum is easy to cover the boxes with, and it makes for nice shiny robots. This post even includes two pages of robot part cut-outs you can use for decoration.

Dino-mite! Shape-o-saurus from No Time for Flash Cards: I’ve got a soft spot for shape crafts, and what toddler doesn’t love dinosaurs? I also like Allie’s tip to put glue on the page in the shape of a triangle so your child knows where to put each spike along the dinosaur’s back.

ABC bean bag toss from More Mom Time: Emma loves any game involving letters, and this one is both very easy to make (all you need is bean bags, a shower curtain, a plate, and some permanent markers) and highly interactive.

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