Friday, January 23, 2009

Icicle painting

I got the idea this activity from Mom’s Marbles via Her Cup Overfloweth. It was a great way to use the icicles that currently adorn our house. I hope to do it again with a few more colors of paint/Kool-Aid.

1) Get some icicles. I was amazed at how quickly these melted on the counter (we keep our house at 67 degrees Fahrenheit), so you might want to stick them in the freezer.

20090121_02292) Pour powdered paint/Kool-Aid/pudding mix onto a sheet of paper.

3)Use icicles as a paintbrush (I wrapped a cloth around the end so the kids’ fingers wouldn’t freeze, as well as to prevent dripping) and paint away.


Emma had a lot of fun, although I think the final outcome would have looked nicer with more colors to mix. I just used the red Kool-Aid we had sitting in our cupboard.

20090121_0231 Johnny said he was too much of a man to use a cloth to protect his hand, and he preferred eating the icicle to painting. That’s one good reason to use ice cubes instead of icicles for this activity…

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