Monday, February 23, 2009

Birthday party for a three-year-old

Emma had her birthday party Saturday. I can’t believe how quickly she is growing up!

We invited three friends of Emma’s choosing. She invited the three girls she talks about daily, and although none of them knew each other before the party and they have three very different personalities, I think it worked out well.

Mike was out of town all week (he got back just in time for the party), so preparing for the birthday party was a nice distraction for my little Daddy’s Girl. We hung streamers from our chandeliers and got some princess plates and napkins, but didn’t decorate otherwise. I was going to put up some balloons, but my kids popped the ones I had within minutes of my experimenting with that, so we decided to save those for another time. We made a chocolate cake and decorated it with buttercream frosting. I bought a basic Wilton cake decorating kit from a local craft store using a 50% off coupon. I think it cost $5 (after the coupon), and I’ll be able to use it for future cakes (This way I can practice my cake decorating skills before the kids realize how rudimentary they are!) I was pretty pleased with the results, especially considering that I hadn’t tried to decorate a cake since I was 17 years old or so AND I had Emma and Johnny helping… The main layer of frosting cracked when I pulled it out of the fridge for this picture, though, because the board I had the cake on wasn’t stiff enough.

Emma's third birthday cake

The colors Emma chose remind me of a 70s wedding cake…

Behold the Birthday Princess:

birthday princess

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