Sunday, February 1, 2009

Indoor water play


20090121_0243 20090121_0244

Johnny isn’t stable enough to stand and play with water, so I tried this indoor water play activity. I put a small amount of water on each tray along with some bubble solution, and gave them IKEA utensils to play with in the water. Both kids loved it, but it made a big mess. 

I think I will do this activity again, but I’ll make a couple adjustments:

  • Place each tray on a bath towel – this would minimize spill damage and keep the floor from getting slick
  • Eliminate bubbles – the bubble solution was messier to clean up, and made the water slicker when spilled. If you do use bubbles, spraying a water-vinegar solution helps eliminate the slippery effect. I learned the vinegar trick at the Acton Discovery Museum, where they put bubble play things out near the parking lot in good weather.

Possible enhancements (probably best for slightly older children):

  • Let kids add their own water using a dropper
  • Add some corn starch at the end and play around with the funny goop that forms

Any other enhancements/suggestions?

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