Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Loving Hearts



Inspired by this post, I made the kids some differently-colored felt hearts of various sizes to play with on their flannel board today. Ironically, they started fighting over the hearts almost immediately. We worked out a compromise, though, and this evening after Mike got home we had a nice talk about love and how you show people you love them. Of course, when we talked about sharing with Johnny because we love him (notice the unequal distribution of hearts in the above photo that prompted this discussion), Emma said she wouldn't share. I asked her why not, and she answered, "Johnny no share with me." Sigh…

We ended the evening by making some paper valentines (very simple ones, just heart shapes cut out of colored paper). Emma loved making valentines, and she carefully wrote rows of "I"s and "O"s (the two letters of the alphabet she considers herself to be truly proficient at writing) on each one.

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