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Saturday, February 14, 2009

Rainbow Collage

The idea for this craft came from this post at No time for flash cards. Allie mentioned that this was a good long term project. I did it in bits and pieces as the kids were interested, and it took us about six weeks start to finish! I had actually forgotten all about it until earlier this week when Emma said, “Mama, let’s finish rainbow” – and that’s what we did!

The sun is made out of four handprints – two of Emma’s and two of Johnny’s.


I initially left off the  purple row of the rainbow because we don't have any purple colored paper. When I announced that we were done, Emma said, "No, rainbow needs purple." I knew she knew the colors of the rainbow thanks to a Signing Time song, but I was still surprised when she noticed that purple was missing. I explained that we didn't have any purple paper. Emma said, "well, black kind of like purple." She was right that we did have black paper and I do see the similarity to purple, but I was reluctant to add a black row to our rainbow. So Emma made a second suggestion: "we can color purple!" And that's what we did. I think it turned out great, and I'm very proud of my little girl's problem-solving skills!


Here are the kids putting the finishing touches on their rainbow. Emma is writing I’s and O’s over and over, which she said spelled the following list: Mama, Dada, Emma, Johnny, Baby in Mama’s Tummy, and Obama. She’s had a bit of an Obama obsession ever since we watched the inauguration…