Saturday, March 7, 2009

Frugal toy storage


If your home is anything like mine, you have toys with small components. I’ve started storing mine in the “toss or re-use” containers made by Gladware and Ziploc. So long as you stick with one brand they stack really nicely for shelf storage. They are relatively cheap, they come in a range of sizes, they seal tightly, and they are clear so you can see which toy is inside which container.

Because they are designed to hold hot food, these containers are made out of polypropylene (recycling symbol 5) - one of the safest plastics.

I also use these containers to store a few pieces from a multi-piece toy set like  our wood pattern blocks (see top container in picture). These particular blocks came in a set of 250. I didn’t want to pick up 250 small wooden blocks every day, so I put together a couple kits of 36 (6 of each shape) in smaller containers. This way Emma has enough to make some fun patterns and to use her geometric shapes play mat, but few enough that cleanup isn’t overwhelming.

What are your best toy storage tips?

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