Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Picture Princess

Shabby Apple, maker of beautiful and unique dresses for women and girls, is holding a contest to find a Picture Princess!

Emma is a perfect “Picture Princess”. She loves to pose, as can be seen in these pictures, even though she is barely three years old. She strikes a pose, and then asks me, “Mama, this a good picture?” – regardless of whether or not I have a camera on hand! She also enjoys “experimenting” with fashion, combining different things she finds in her closet to create her own original outfit. A dress aficionada, she wears at least three on any given day and likes to change outfits so frequently that her exasperated father has imposed a five-dresses-per-day limit. She wears dresses every single day regardless of the weather, and won’t even sleep in anything else.

20090303_0001 20090313_0107


Emma picked this dress as her favorite from the many adorable little girls and girls dresses from shabby baby.

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