Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Toddler gardening

This activity is courtesy of my local library’s wonderful free toddler craft series. We did this activity last year and this year. Emma really enjoyed it both years, and this year the grass even survived Emma and Johnny dumping out the cups of newly-planted grass seeds and then throwing everything back in topsy-turvy.


  • Cup (clear ones are nice since you can see some of the roots)
  • Soil
  • Grass seeds
  • Water


  1. Fill cup with soil, leaving at least 1 inch of clearance at the top.
  2. Add a thin layer of grass seeds.
  3. Cover the grass seeds with a small amount of soil.
  4. Water.
  5. Place in a sunny area.
  6. Wait for seeds to grow.

20090325_0254 Here is the poor destroyed grass plant (I thought it was out of Emma’s reach and I was wrong)

20090330_0274 Surviving five days later


And thriving two weeks later

20090407_0361  Emma really enjoyed giving the grass a “haircut” this morning.

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