Monday, May 4, 2009

10 Things You Were Dying to Know

Tricia at Five Little Monkeys tagged me for 10 Things You Were Dying To Know. Here are my answers to these all-important questions :)

1) What is your current obsession? Sleep. I haven’t been getting much of it.

2) Which item of clothing do you wear most often? Jeans and monochrome t-shirts. Especially the one pair of maternity jeans that fit right.

3) What's for dinner? Good question. Mike’s getting dinner at a work meeting, so I’ll make whatever the kids want (mac 'n cheese is a safe guess, if we used the boxed kind we make it with pureed squash instead of milk and add frozen baby peas).

4) What are you listening to? Birds singing! And some truck clearing away December ice storm damage in a neighbor’s yard. That’s what we spent the weekend doing, it’s a popular pastime round here lately.

5) Say something about the one who tagged you: Tricia has 5 kids AND she finds time to blog! It also sounds like she makes some delicious food, she plans her menu a week in advance (my hubby would love for me to do that and we would definitely eat less mac n cheese), and she’s always sharing great finds from around the web - like this post about recycling denim.

6) Favorite vacation spot? My parents are posted back in the same country (and city!) where I went to high school, and I’m dying to go visit! It’s in Europe, so not the easiest of travel destinations but I’m determined to get there before they move.

7) What are you reading right now? The Best Birth by Sarah McMoyler and Armin Brott. I like the central idea of working with hospital staff (if you plan to have a hospital birth or even if you planned a home birth and wind up transferring to a hospital for whatever reason) to create the safest, most satisfying birth possible rather than coming in with an “us versus them” attitude. The recommended “hold a fistful of ice for 90 seconds” activity doesn’t come anywhere near approximating the pain quotient of labor for me, but it was very entertaining to see my husband complain about how much it hurt.

8) Four words to describe yourself? Wife, Mother, Dedicated, Resourceful

9) Guilty pleasure? Dark chocolate

10) First Spring thing to do? Get the kids outside to play!

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