Thursday, May 28, 2009

ABC & 123 Picnic Intro

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Welcome to my blog! I’ve been following ABC & 123 from the beginning, and I’m looking forward to visiting the other blogs that contribute to this amazing cooperative blog run by Katie and Katie!

I’m a SAHM to Emma (3) and Johnny (17 months), with a baby girl on the way. Before becoming a mom, I taught high school (French and Spanish) and then went back to school for a PhD in Medicine. Emma was born as I was finishing my PhD, and I enjoyed taking care of her so much that I decided to stay home with her after I graduated. Thankfully my husband Mike was able to find a good enough job that this was possible for us! A lot of things I learned in grad school are actually very helpful to life as a mom – I know how to research things I don’t know, and writing a dissertation requires patience and dedication (just like motherhood!)

My blog title is inspired by things I love: being thrifty, crafts, and – best of all – being a mom. I love making things with and for my kids, and that is what this blog is mostly about. Here are a couple of my favorite educational posts from my blog:

As for picnics, we try to eat outside as much as possible during the spring/summer, and our favorite picnic foods are watermelon and corn on the cob (I spent the first not-quite-seven years of my life living on a corn farm, so corn is near and dear to my heart!) Since we have a baby due this summer, we’ll be staying near to home, but we’re lucky enough to have several family members visiting us!

Thanks for visiting my blog, please leave a comment so I can be sure to visit yours! If you have an idea of something you’d like to see on this blog, I’d love to hear it!

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