Thursday, May 28, 2009

Line Art

I found this activity here and on at least one other blog, but I couldn’t remember where and didn’t know what to search for – so if you think I may have seen your post, please let me know so I can link up!

Update: Here's one of the other places where I saw this activity, thanks April for helping me find it!

Basically you draw random squiggly lines on a sheet of paper and color in however you want. Emma and Johnny really enjoyed this activity; they actually spent a couple days finishing their artwork! I helped Johnny color his in, which was very relaxing. Our house is a bit torn up right now (switching to a new heating system as the previous one broke – something we knew might happen when we moved in and thankfully something that happened AFTER rather than in the middle of a long cold winter) so I’m very grateful for quiet table activities like this one!

20090524_0734 20090524_0731

Is it just me, or is Johnny’s hair getting lighter every day?

Here are their masterpieces – as I was scanning them in Emma noted that hers actually is not finished, so I guess she’ll be working on it some more!


Emma line art


Johnny line art

I drew the lines on Emma’s using a permanent marker instead of a plain black marker, which is why the lines on hers look so much bolder.

We just colored these in randomly, but I could see this being a nice add-on activity to a lesson on complementary/contrasting colors or color wheels. You can also try to color in the squiggles to look like different objects or animals (sort of like finding objects/animals in clouds). I’m also thinking of having the kids make a few on cardstock to turn into cards.

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