Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mother’s Day Art

Mother's Day card_0001 Mother's Day card_0002

I love this Mother’s Day card Emma made me (with a little help from her dad). I think her portrait of me is fabulous. I think it’s hilarious that she included Dada among Mama’s kids. Mike said that after she drew Johnny she looked at it for a minute, and then said “Johnny look kinda like [Mike from] Monster’s Inc”. Lily is Baby #3 (due this summer).

I’ve had a lovely Mother’s Day, in spite of a sick Johnny. Mike mopped all the floors for me yesterday, and this afternoon we successfully wedged three car seats into the back of our car. We don’t even have to slam the door, but getting them in was quite the ordeal, so I think the car seats will stay there even though Lily isn’t due to arrive for many weeks. At least this way Johnny and Emma can get used to sitting next to each other.

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