Saturday, May 9, 2009

Would You Rather…

Katie from A Listmaker's Life tagged me to answer these questions:

Would you rather...

Always have to write with your other hand or with one eye shut?
Always write with my other hand. I like being able to see, and I learned to write left-handed once before (when I broke my right hand), so I should  be able to learn again. My handwriting just goes from bad to worse…

Walk in circles through a spinning door a thousand times or hang upside-down for 3 hours?
Walk in circles. Hanging upside down for three hours sounds painful.

Wear a bicycle helmet everywhere you go or carry an open umbrella everywhere?
Open umbrella.

Be the first person to land on Mars or the first one to live on the moon?
Land on Mars, so long as it didn’t take forever to get there and back. Living on the moon sounds lonely, and it would be cool to see Mars.

Kiss a monkey or eat a bite of dog food?
If it’s well-trained, kiss the monkey. Otherwise I’d go for dog food.

Be the fastest runner in the world or the fastest reader?
I thought Katie had a great answer for this question: be the fastest reader but look like the fastest runner.

Walk on water anytime you want or fly for 3 hours, but only 3 different times in your life?
Walk on water anytime.

Sleep each night on a hammock 3 stories above the ground or sleep each night on an air filled pool mattress floating in a pond of baby sharks?
Sleep on a hammock, although I’ve been swimming in open water with sharks before (college summer job) and I don’t think baby ones would be too bad, obviously depending on the type of shark. I’m just not a fan of floating around on pool mattresses. The hammock sounds lovely, provided I don’t fall out...

Have a jar of jellybeans that never goes empty or a magical stereo that can play any song you want?
Magical stereo, especially if it would give me any recording of any song I wanted.

Spend the rest of your life in a submarine or in a space ship?
Space ship. Submarines seem more likely to induce claustrophobia.

I’ll pass this on to anyone who’d like to give it a go…

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