Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Emma (and Johnny!) Quotes

Trying to regulate a sibling dispute:

Mama to Emma: You can’t have the [stuffed] squirrel and the red pen. Which one do you choose?

Emma: But I have two hands!

Emma talking to her sidewalk chalk, who are lined up on the pavement: You guys have one leg. I have two legs. I have head, arms, belly button, shirt, shorts, underpants... You guys have no shirt, shorts, underpants, belly button, arms... You guys are red and yellow and brown and green and purple. All the colors.


Emma’s really into marriage lately. Here’s an excerpt from a recent car conversation about Johnny getting married:

Daddy: Should Johnny marry Nora (one of Emma’s friends)?

Emma: No.

Daddy: Should Johnny marry Ava (another friend)?

Emma: No.

Daddy: Should Johnny marry Cinderella?

Johnny (very enthusiastically): Yeah!

Emma: No, Cinderella already have a prince!

After Emma pinched Johnny:

Mama: Emma, you can’t pinch Johnny.

Emma: But, I can say I’m sorry!

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