Monday, July 20, 2009

Crayon roll


I decided to make crayon rolls for my kids after seeing Valerie make a felt crayon wallet for her daughter in this post at the Frugal Family Fun Blog. I’ve admired crayon rolls on many blogs, but I was attracted to the idea of using felt as a material because it’s so easy to sew. My crayon rolls are quite a bit different from Valerie’s crayon wallet, so I’ve included a tutorial. These crayon rolls were super easy to make, and could also be sewn by hand – it would take a little longer but might also look nicer.


  • 1 9x12 sheet of felt (standard size sold in craft stores)
  • 2 3x11 strips of felt
  • velcro


1) Divide each felt strip into eight sections and mark. I used a pen with disappearing ink for this step.

2) Stitch each strip to the sheet of felt and stitch section lines (see photo below for placement.)


3) Attach velcro. Emma’s fingers in the above photo show the placement for one hook piece and one loop piece. I sewed a second piece of hook velcro directly behind the hook piece on the side you see in this photo to keep the crayon roll shut. You can either add a second loop piece for this to attach to, or have it attach itself to the felt (my solution). Here is Emma’s finished crayon roll filled with crayons:


And Johnny’s crayon roll rolled up (with crayons inside) – you fold it in half lengthwise first, which makes it more compact and keeps the crayons from falling out:


Both kids like their crayon rolls, although Johnny only uses his properly about half the time and methodically removes and throws each crayon the rest of the time. Emma neatly removes one crayon at a time, colors with it, and carefully replaces it.

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