Friday, July 24, 2009

Free Chocolate and M&M Graphing


Mars is offering coupons for free chocolate every Friday this summer. We used ours to buy some M&Ms, which we then used to make M&M graphs. I simply divided a paper into six sections and had Emma create a graph of M&Ms in the various colors. We talked about which colors we had the most and fewest M&Ms in, and counted the M&Ms in each column. Emma loved this activity (especially the part at the end where she got to eat some M&Ms), and is asking to do it again as  I type.

20090713_0105 Johnny looks so innocently attentive in the top photo that I had to add this second picture, which is a much more accurate representation of his involvement in this activity. I was amazed that Emma had the self-control to not eat any M&Ms until the end, especially when her brother was gobbling them up as quickly as possible.

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