Monday, July 27, 2009

My first cloth diaper (cover)!

20090725_0310 Mike took the kids to the Children’s and Science Discovery Museums in Acton on Saturday and I had a quiet morning at home. It’s amazing how much I can done without two toddlers underfoot! I decided it was the perfect occasion to tackle my fear of sewing cloth diapers. I decided to start off with Shar’s free (for home use) newborn diaper pattern off of The Nappy Network. It’s designed to be a pocket diaper, but I decided to just turn it into a fleece cover instead. I have plenty of prefolds to stuff it with, and covers are slightly easier to sew than pockets.

I had some soft purple fleece left over from making Emma this jacket and some velcro from making crayon rolls, so I didn’t have to purchase any materials for this project.

Here are the pattern pieces with the velcro pinned on:

20090725_0306 And here the pieces are sewn together and the elastic has been added:

20090725_0307 I was really confused about how to add the elastic (it’s different from adding elastic to, say, shorts) until I found this Youtube video. Hooray for Youtube!

After adding the elastic I turned it right side out and hand-stitched the opening I had left for turning. I was originally going to topstitch it, but I liked the way it looked without the topstitching and so left it that way. Making this took 20 minutes tops after all of my drama over being intimidated by cloth diapers, and I definitely plan to make more! Many thanks to my online friends (especially Ally) for inspiring me to try this project! Now I just need my baby girl to arrive so I can test how well this diaper works!

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