Thursday, July 30, 2009

Picnic Table Talk: Jump, Skip & Hop!

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Picnic Table Talk this week is all about physical activities and outdoor games. We are really fortunate to have a lovely yard for the kids to play in, and when the weather is nice they will spend most of the day outdoors. I wrote a post back in February on keeping toddlers active indoors, so here are a few of our favorite things to do outdoors:

  • Exploring: Both kids love exploring the yard and neighborhood – finding plants, flowers, birds, and other animals. We sort of live in the middle of nowhere, which means we get lots of animals: deer, groundhogs, and wild turkey in addition to the more common squirrels and birds.
  • Outdoor toys: This summer we made a thrifty sandbox using an underbed storage bin. We have a couple Little Tikes climbing toys, one inherited from a friend and one that I picked up for $5 at a yard sale. We also have a trike and a ride-on toy, also picked up at yard sales for $3 apiece.
  • Art: My kids love homemade sidewalk paint as well as chalk. Not exactly active, but a fun outdoor activity.
  • Picnics: It’s always a treat for my kids to eat on a blanket outside, and I love the minimal cleanup. Also not that active, but picnics are always preceded and/or followed by active outdoor play.
  • Walks: Emma and Johnny love to wander around our neighborhood.
  • Water: Our town regulates summer water usage pretty heavily (even during super wet summers like we’ve had this year), so this is somewhat limited at our house, but both kids are happy to engage in any water-related activity.
  • Balls: Throw them, kick them, chase them – endless fun!

What are your favorite ways to stay active indoors and outdoors?

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