Monday, August 3, 2009

When a preschooler loves glue…

Emma recently developed an obsession with all forms of glue. She will happily spend hours gluing sheets of paper to each other. Sometimes she considers her final creation worthy of nothing better than the recycling bin, and sometimes she describes it as an elaborate work of art. This past week she decided she wanted to pour glue on single sheets of paper. In a bid to make this activity a little more exciting and to get her to stop pouring glue without making a scene, I added a couple drops of food coloring to the glue on her paper and handed her a toothpick. Emma loved swirling the food coloring into the glue, and she got some interesting results.

20090728_0326 20090728_0328

I figure it’s a good creative exercise; plus she gets some practice in fine motor skills. You can water down the glue a little if you want to make it last longer. This activity could be expanded by adding other colors and seeing how they mix, or by doing the activity in a plastic container and dipping sheets of paper into the solution to create a print-type effect.

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