Monday, September 7, 2009

Emma and Johnny Quotes

Emma: I put it [a toy] in my pocket so that none of my friends will get it.
Mama: But it’s nice to share with your friends.
Emma: Well, I share with my dolls.

Emma: The floor is really dirty. It’s only for feet and dancing.

Conversation between Mike and a feverish and coughing Emma at 3am:
What would make you feel better?
Emma (instant answer): Maybe we could go to Disneyland.

Emma: I wish our house was pink. I think everything should be pink.

Emma, looking at some nylons:
I like those tights. Them look like skin.

Johnny, as the local high school girls’ track team runs past our house:
Hey! Girls! Wow! (climbs up on the couch to get a better look) Girls, girls, girls!

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