Saturday, September 12, 2009

Notes to Self

  • Searching every cupboard and drawer in the house may not result in finding your missing sewing project that you stashed somewhere while in labor well over a month ago. However, losing important sewing projects is a strong motivator for necessary home organization. Given that your home is approaching organized mode, here’s hoping said sewing project turns up soon.
  • Having two children who can walk/run means you have two children who can walk/run in opposite directions. This complicates supervision since you cannot split yourself in two. Be thankful that your children like to stick together in public so this is only a problem at home. We won’t worry about three children who can walk/run just yet.
  • Your toddler is an expert at self-entertaining. However, he may not choose the forms of self-entertainment you would select for him. You would love for him to draw nicely on paper, read books, or do puzzles. He may choose instead to:
    • draw on the table, floor, chairs, and walls
    • tear pages from books
    • throw puzzle pieces
    • taking three bites out of each ripe nectarine on the kitchen table
    • pull every baby wipe/kleenex out of the box
  • If your toddler does any of the above, be sure to remember that he does sometimes choose to entertain himself by:
    • completing puzzles nicely
    • reading books without ripping out pages
    • building block towers
    • drawing on paper
    • cleaning the house with the baby wipes he pulls out of the box
  • If a parenting tip works one day, be sure to thoroughly enjoy your success. The same trick may not work the next day.
  • Hugs, kisses, and “I love you, Mama!” are fantastic antidotes for sleep deprivation, general exhaustion, and bad days.

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