Monday, September 21, 2009

Three Under Four

Johnny and Lily

I always feel like my babies graduate from the newborn phase at around seven weeks. Lily turns seven weeks old today, so today I’m in a reflective mood. A few thoughts from the first seven weeks with three children under four:

  • Going with the flow is the surest path to happiness for children and parents.
  • My children are happiest when I only schedule one outing (e.g., grocery shopping, story time at the library, play date, doctor visit, etc) per day.
  • Outings are simplest in the morning, before the time when my children should be (but usually are not) napping.
  • Non-naps can be a good thing when they result in earlier bedtimes.
  • Beautiful fall weather is a blessing.
  • Emma has grown into the capable role of the big sister – but she’s still only three and a half years old.
  • Johnny has moved from being jealous of me holding Lily because he wants to be held to being jealous of me holding Lily because he wants to hold Lily.
  • Baby smiles are the best.
  • Children grow up way too fast.

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