Thursday, August 27, 2009

Fluff Talk Thursdays: Show Your Stash


My stash, from left to right, top to bottom:

  • Lily’s small-size Huggabuns diapers (this particular version is no longer made) with liners underneath
  • Bumgenius 3.0 snapped to fit Lily with liners (also snapped to fit Lily) underneath
  • Johnny’s medium-size Huggabuns diapers (also no longer sold in this incarnation) with liners underneath
  • Imse Vimse training pants for Johnny with home-sewn cloth wipes (see this post for instructions) underneath
  • Lily’s home-sewn newborn cloth diaper covers (see this post). We used wipes as inserts for these, and she already outgrew them being the fast-growing child that she is…


The Bumgenius 3.0s are my favorites, but I only have three. They also don’t really fit Johnny at 20 months and 26lbs, so they aren’t the ideal one-size diaper in my mind. I would love to try out some one-size FuzziBunz or Smartipants but we have a decent stash of sized diapers that work just fine so I can’t justify the expense. Thirsties diaper covers also look lovely, although I always prefer snaps over velcro (ironic given that I put velcro on the diapers I made, I realize, but I didn’t have any of those fancy diaper snaps). I also want to try my hand at sewing an RRP diaper and one of Katrina’s fleece soakers – once I figure out how to use my sewing machine with three children in tow, that is!

And while we’re on the topic of sewing, if you’ve always wanted to learn but didn’t get the chance, consider joining Valerie from the Frugal Family Fun Blog’s FREE sewing workshop here – you have until August 31st to sign up!

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