Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Sidewalk paint: Take 2


We had another go at sidewalk paint yesterday. I made the paint the way you are “supposed to” with corn starch instead of flour this time. I also used washable paints instead of food dye after reading a comment left by Cindy on this post. We haven’t had issues with food dye staining on clothes yet, but I do know that it can be hard to wash out and both kids were wearing shirts I would like to keep stain-free. The kids painted with brushes until Johnny dumped all the bowls out, at which point Emma decided to come in (and Johnny soon followed). I don’t know if they were less into it because they didn’t like the texture with the corn starch as much as with the flour, or if it was just that they are both still sick (especially Emma, who is on week three of being sick nearly non-stop now) and so weren’t feeling very into doing anything. It was easier to get a nice paint texture using flour than corn starch, but the corn starch was easier to clean up since it didn’t stick to paint brush bristles. They didn’t try finger painting like last time, but Johnny did a lovely job of decorating his hands and feet (and clothing):

20090817_0655 20090817_0656

Emma’s hands, feet, and clothes were spotless, as usual.

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